We are the glue.

Connecting the various project elements together, we are the glue that works to develop a rounded project team and lock the project together for delivery.


We project manage the technical deliverables; bring in other project specialists to add value when required; identify and coordinate with the best suppliers, contractors & complimentary agencies to realise unique, real and digital world projects.


As well as our technical know-how, we have many decades of experience collectively in everything from mass public engagement, corporate communications, guerrilla projects, major global events, small regional experiential activities… we have experience in virtually every event type and we apply this knowledge while backed up by a range of complimentary fields and other experts.


Areas of complimentary knowledge include; construction safety, public safety, spatial design, show automation, licencing coordination, global equipment logistics; emergency services liaison, engineering design, plus many more


As glue, we get the project together & keep it well bonded.