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We are creative technology specialists who produce stunning environments that enable your brand to communicate with your audience in extraordinary ways. Blending the real and digital worlds, we create features, installations and multi-sensory experiences that transport your audiences to unimagined spaces. These transformative experiences are designed to maximise your brand engagement and take customer loyalty to new heights.

Push the boundaries of innovation 

Combining cutting-edge technologies – from 3D modelling and robotics to special projection and theatrical effects – we blur the boundaries between physical objects and digital simulation. If you need a car to fly through the air, the statue of a horse to jump off its plinth, or to take your visitors on a virtual adventure, we’ll make that happen. Every feature is tailored to meet your objectives, convey your brand essence, and place your offering at the forefront of innovation.

Access the world’s best in
design technology


A&BP bring together a global network of designers and engineers to push the boundaries of technological exploration. Forming the bridge between these digital wizards and your high-profile brand, our technical directors ensure that your project meets its commercial and logistical goals. From ideation to project management and delivery, every feature we create fulfils your sustainability, industrial and social responsibility requirements.

Recreate reality


Let us envision, design and build your one-off features, touring installations,  retail spaces and scenic effects. Each creation will be unique and bespoke to you. Every project is tailored to your specific needs and goals. We listen and recommend, then gather the brightest minds with the most outstanding skillsets, to translate your brand message into enthralling environments that can be experienced on a global scale.

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