Digital World

Making the real, digital... and mixing up reality.

“Digital World” is our catch-all, short-hand for the digital replication and animation services we offer. We use a range of techniques to convert real world objects into a digital form.


Using photogrammetry & LiDAR scanning techniques and other digital measurement tools, we are as capable of turning the real into the digital as we are in turning the digital into the real.


Want to turn a 30ft statue into a 3D printable object? Projection map a complex but fragile object or a massive building? Perhaps you need a real horse statue to digitally jump off its plinth? Alternatively you may need to record the texture & condition of a priceless object for inclusion in a virtual museum…? Also, you may want a venue 3D scan so you can visualise the event, conversion or other spatial design for your client in VR. We can do that and much, much more..


Once we have captured the primary data and created the to-scale, fully textured model, our network of Games Developers, 3D artists, Animation Riggers and Augmented Reality specialists will be brought in as required to create the digital model you need.


We can also help project manage the bigger digital project, if that’s what you need.

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Digital Creations

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Elton John Farewell Tour