Connecting Audiences To Your Brand Interactively

Eye-Catching, Footfall Generating,
Social Media Engaging, Sales Inducing

Combined with our consultancy services or as stand alone products, Audience & Brands blended world CLEARSCREEN solutions include.....

Transparent LCD and OLED screen range

Transparent Window
TLCD Aquatic Display
TLCD Man 1
TLCD Japan 1
TOLED and Motion Control
Magic Malle

Remote Polarizing Screens - tailored to your design needs

RePol Shoe 5
RePol Shoe 4
RePol Shoe 3
RePol Shoe 2
RePol Coasters 6
RePol Coasters 5
RePol Coasters 4
RePol Can 2
RePol Can 1
RePol LV Wall 2
DePol Glasses 1
RePol Coasters 3

Curved, Cut and Modified Screens

Curved Screen Example 1
Curved Screens Column
Curved Walls Example
Trunk Cut Screens
Curved Screen Ceiling

Movement & Shape Tracking and Gesture Control

Sparkly Car with Motion Tracking
Movement Tracking Materials
TOLED and Motion Control
SeeLV Wall 1